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The Acroamatics PCI Telemetry Data Processor (TDP) provides you with the processing power you need today, while preparing for expanded demands tomorrow. The TDP is built on a rugged, purpose designed PCI chassis, which is significantly upgraded to meet the demands of hosting a high performance real-time PCM processing and analysis platform.

Requirements ranging from one to eight input TM streams, from routine fixed frame format to extremely complex dynamically changing formats, with any level of real-time processing, real-time data display and mission data recording all are satisfied by the Acroamatics Model 2900P TDP System platform. We can configure a turn-key Acroamatics TDP with exactly the features you require – from one to eight PCM streams, DACs, discretes, high-speed analog, receivers, network fed data, GPS timing, aircraft buss, real-time network client/server data operations and more.

• Windows OS independent Multi-Stream real-time TM data processing
• Dynamic “Change on the Fly” capable PCI Module based software decom
• Functionally dedicated card based micro-coded processors
• 8 + independent PCM inputs to 40 Mbps each
• Modular and Scalable
• Receivers, bit syncs, real-time card level decom and advanced stream processing
• Real-time data recording and playback
• Programmable multi-stream PCM simulation
• Integrated TMATS & IADS support
• Choose from a wide variety of storage, signal I/O, and networked communications options
• New 40MHz Advanced Bit Synch Mezzanine Module
• Win 7 Compatible
• Remote Management and Client Data Services
• Quick-look tab, chart, and list based Data Displays