Advanced PCI Single Stream and Multi-Stream PCI Telemetry Data Processor

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The Model 1612P is a stored program PCM frame synchronizer and data decommutator, capable of real-time decommutation of the most complex computer generated, high rate PCM formats. The Model 1612P includes six embedded, micro-code programmed sub-frame decommutators with the ability to change program instructions “on-the-fly” to accommodate conditional format switching, embedded asynchronous frame structures, concatenated word extraction (single or multi-stream applications) and packetized (CCSDS, or future INET) encoded data types. An onboard eight (8) channel 12-bit DAC and programmable 0-64Mbps PCM Simulator are provided. The Model 1612P also supports integrated low latency Chapter 5 CVSD PCM voice processing, decoding, and analog output. The Model 1612P allows for the addition of two mezzanine cards, the 474DM PCM Bit Synchronizer module and the 470M Time Code Generator & Translator / Programmable PCM Format Simulator.

• Potent Single Card Real-Time PCI Frame Sync / Decom Solution
• Ideal building block for from one to eight stream range safety and telemetry range data processing
• Combines with the Model 1605P PDSP to deliver a truly deterministic, advanced TM processing and data delivery solution
• Multi-Stream synchronized 1612P TDP system configurations with stream configurations exceeding eight integrated decoms per system are supported
• Powerful card resident processors handles the most complex formats, conditional processing, and “on-the-fly” format switching
• Supports PCM data rates to40 Mbps
• 32-bit instruction words, Chapter 4 PCM, Chapter 5 CVSD, Chapter 8 1553, and packetized formats (i.e. CCSDS) supported
• Onboard Current Value Table and card direct programmable output formatting
• “Drop-in” replacement for Model 1602P and upgrade to existing Model 2900 & 3002 TDP
• Onboard 0 – 64 Mbps programmable PCM Simulator
• Onboard 8 stream 12-bit DAC
• Tandem HOTLink™ and Mutli-Cast networked data communications
• Included Acroamatics ATSS Windows (7 or XP Pro) set-up and operating software, includes quick-look displays, system archiving & playback, networked data services and much more!
• TMATS import / export
• IADS Data Server Support
• Optional plug-on modules
– 474DM Advanced Digital Bit Sync
– 470M IRIG Time Code Reader