Advanced Dual PCM Bit Sync Mezzanine

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The 674DM Advanced Digital PCM Bit Sync is a state-of-the-art compact “mezzanine” design that provides a cost effective and modular high quality bit sync add-on to Acroamatics entire line of single slot PCI single card TM processing card products.

The 674DM is compatible with existing legacy and our latest telemetry card components. Based on our 3rd generation bit sync design, it shares the latest techniques in FIR filtering, digital phase-locked loop, NCO clock reconstruction, and digital amplitude and offset control with its larger PCI cousin, the Model 1611P. Incorporating a leading-edge FPGA, this modern design delivers a significantly reduced parts count, improved reliability, and expanded capabilities – including options normally found only in box level and multi-card bit sync/encoder designs. The 674DM supports options such as Frame Sync Pattern Verification, BERT, PRN and programmable PCM simulator, and Convolutional encode/decode.The Model 674DM PCM Bit Sync is fully compatible with legacy Acroamatics TDP system and remote Bit Sync utility software set-ups, easily meeting and exceeding all IRIG performance and functional requirements.


  • Two Independent Bit Syncs
  • Multiple Program Controlled Inputs and Outputs
  • Tunable Bit Rate Range
  • Best in Class Noise Performance
  • Fast sync acquisition
  • Best in Class Sync Retention
  • Data Quality and Signal Test: BERT / PRN BER Link Test Mode, Frame Sync PCM BER Monitor, Frame Lock/Loss Monitor, Eb/No Signal Quality Output, Viterbi Error Monitor / Stats, Data Simulator/Generator